2021 – Year of Automation Enhancements

2020 was a lot of things but not all of it was bad. The past year a lot of companies were forced to quickly react to the evolving situations and rolled out quick fixes for digitizing and automating processes. This year you are now able to plan, prepare and refine those decisions so your organization can continue to see the improvements and enhance how your team’s work.

Forrester VP & Senior Analyst, Craig Le Clair, predicts that automation in 2021 will become a business imperative. He has stated, “The world of automation has changed. Just six months ago, tech and business leaders would lightly suggest automation ideas, and get nods and smiles for their efforts but little commitment. Now automation has moved to heated board-level discussions that often end with statements such as ‘if we don’t automate everything we can, we may not survive.’”

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt to a new way of working, with virtual and social distancing requirements being all around us. This has forced us to implement change without time to plan, select the best for long term productivity and make digital changes to manual procedures in as quick as a day. Overnight we learned to conduct all our meetings virtually on communication platforms, such as Zoom, Teams and Slack.

As we march into the New Year, organizations will need to make adjustments to those quick decisions and deployments so that they can become long term solutions that help with efficiencies, improve operations and provide a higher level of user experience to both the staff and customers.

Organizations that we work with are looking to enhance their Salesforce environment by leveraging Salesforce CPQ, Nintex DocGen & RPA and REDLine Management by Kemisoft.

For example:

  • One organization is leveraging Nintex to manage daily health screenings for employees and tracking that data in their CRM for ease of reporting and contact tracing
  • One organization knew they could not fully transform their business but knew the current quoting and invoicing processes were holding them back. They deployed CPQ with Nintex DocGen, which has resulted in quote and invoice creation improving from 15 minutes down to 2 minutes. That single improvement saved them $50,000 last year in efficiency gains, reduced errors, and lost receivables.

Whether it’s improving the work experience for your virtual employees, helping improve the automation of business processes or enabling your sales team with a seamlessly integrated document generation – Kemisoft is here to help you. We are confident we can assist you in improving your current scenario and we are excited to see what companies accomplish in 2021.

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