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VP, Digital Utilities Retail Company

“This team is highly valued; they deliver and go above and beyond to make sure there is value from the partnership. They are flexible and agile in how they approach any engagement and understand the fluidity of complex projects and how their environments are constantly changing.”

Project Manager Utilities Organization

Kemisoft has been really easy and enjoyable to work with from day 1. They were able to come in, after the project was in flight, and quickly grasp what needed to be done to start bringing the project back up to being on time for completion. Their ability to ramp up and feel comfortable on the project took days, instead of the traditional weeks, which speaks to their expertise.

Director, Global sales ops

“Kemisoft were rock stars when it came to providing a central place of formal process and flexibility to allow for regional requirements. This allowed core competencies and regional demands to work in harmony”

Project Manager Retail & Manufacturing Organization

We have worked with other CPQ Consultants before but didn't receive the level of detail we received from Rimon "Kemisoft". Well Done!!

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    Manufacturing – Quote Document Generation

    A manufacturing company that produces thousands of custom products

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