Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Services

Increase your insights with customized dashboards for your business leveraging Einstein, AI, PowerBI and Tableau.

During an unprecedented period of change in the world, having accurate data available to make effective decisions is essential to every business.

  • Is your organization wanting to increase actionable insights through leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) with your Salesforce platform?
  • Does your company have multiple data sources that can’t talk to each other and results in lengthy Excel sheet work and analysis?
  • Is real time data something the company desires for quicker decision making?
  • Are your sales and marketing teams struggling to forecast their pipelines and successfully target the accounts that would provide the highest level of success?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place.

Kemisoft offers various Data Management consulting services around:

  • Business Intelligence Road maps
    • Data platform integrations
    • Data Warehousing
  • Implementation of BI & AI Tools
    • Leveraging Einstein AI, MS PowerBI and Tableau
    • Increase your insights with customized dashboards and reporting built for you business

Implementing the proper tools on top of your data will result in:

  • Leadership being able to make decisions faster with real time data
  • Marketing can be more confident in the quality of leads generated
  • Sales can be more confident in converting opportunities, rely on the actionable insights and forecast with increase accuracy
  • Operations can spot trends, evaluate and analyze opportunities based on historical performance and identify ways to optimize resources to make the entire team more efficient