Business Process Automation

Kemisoft offers consulting services for various kinds of Business Process Automation(BPA)

Kemisoft offers consulting services for various kinds of Business Process Automations (BPA).

  • Does your organization operate in multiple regions & languages and want to create consistency in how everyone communicates regardless of where they are?
  • Are you sending out multiple order fulfillment requests to a long list of vendors, partners and distributors, resulting in duplication of efforts, work orders, etc?
  • Do mission-critical documents like quotes, proposals and contracts detract from your sales team’s ability to close deals?
  • Are you a growing organization that reached the stage that automation of processes is now required to keep up with your trajectory?
  • Did 2020 for you to implement automation with limited time and now needs enhancing?
  • Are you a document heavy business that requires your documents to be consistent and those same documents to be reused multiple times a day?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place.​

The first question many forget to ask when tackling these challenges is, “What does your customers experience look like if these aren’t addressed?”

Kemisoft BPA Services team is specialized in:

  • Automating sales and marketing processes that range from lead generation through the sales cycle and ends with support and service delivery
  • Assessment of your most impactful processes and looking at how automation can create the best customer experience, while keeping your employees happy with simplicity and consistency
  • Automation of redundant processes, workflows and documentation templates
  • Adjusting your workplace to have a successful digital, work from anywhere, environment while protecting your most valuable assets

Our roles:

  • Sales, Marketing, Service and Business Process Consultants
  • Process Architects

With focus on:

  • Salesforce Consulting & Implementations
  • Mulesoft Consulting & Implementations
  • Nintex Consulting & Implementations