Process Improvement in the Non-Profit Sector

The non-profit sector is no stranger to process limiting successful results and mission based project outcomes. Learn how WISE Employment streamlined their processes for ultimate efficiency yielding impressive results utilizing Nintex and Salesforce.

WISE Employment supports process improvement with Nintex Promapp®

by Elise Harrington
Posted on November 12, 2020

Maximizing limited resources is nothing new for organizations in the non-profit sector. Successful non-profits know how to make the most of what they have to support their mission.

According to the Philanthropy News Digest, effective process and continuous improvement is critical for non-profits to be successful. Something that WISE Employment soon learned when it experienced significant growth in demand for its services.

Process management at WISE Employment

When the government of Australia expanded its rules around Disability Employment Services (DES), WISE Employment saw tremendous growth. The Australian not-for-profit employment services provider helps more than 34,000 people across Australia through their Disability Employment Services and jobactive programs to find sustainable employment each year. The mission of WISE Employment is “empowering people to enrich the community.”

As the demand for its employment services grew, WISE quickly realized its processes were in need of attention. The organization’s process management was inconsistent and decentralized – many processes were out of date or missing key information, and documented in a combination of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Visio.

The consequence? Inconsistent customer experiences, errors, inefficiencies, duplication of work, and little process improvement. To continue its growth pace and scale, WISE Employment needed a better way to map and manage processes organization-wide. Their answer was Nintex Promapp®.

Putting customers at the heart of process

With the support of WISE’s executive leadership team, Kon Stoilas, Organizational Development & Learning Manager at WISE Employment, was part of the team that led the initiative to improve processes at the organization. At the start of the project, WISE had nearly 230 processes documented, yet only 34 were current. The rest were redundant or out of date.

“The tools we previously used to document processes just didn’t fit our purpose, and consequently, process preparation was timely and inconsistent.”

– Kon Stoilas, Organizational Development & Learning Manager, WISE Employment

WISE identified four key goals of its Nintex Promapp strategy:

  • Create a culture and practice of continuous improvement, which will enable WISE to have the most efficient customer-centric processes
  • Place the customer at the heart of their thinking by creating processes that drive efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring positive employee and customer experiences are achieved
  • Provide staff with process clarity and cohesion, enabling faster and more consistent service delivery
  • Quickly on-board new staff ensuring they understand their roles and responsibilities, and support business continuity and knowledge retention in a shifting workforce.


Process management at WISE Employment

Since implementing Nintex Promapp one year ago, WISE has mapped 100 processes and made significant continuous improvement strides. One of the first processes addressed was the organization’s DES wage subsidy processes.

Using Nintex Promapp, Stoilas and his team brought all key stakeholders of the process together to evaluate the process – analyzing customer touchpoints, exploring ways of making the process easier for the customer and employees, finding areas of waste to eliminate, and opportunities for improvement to pursue.

WISE discovered several improvement areas, including unnecessary steps that were eliminated, as well as manual forms and processes that they could automate. “It really showed how we could bring stakeholders from different departments together to work as a team to improve on important process,” shares Stoilas.

In just 12 months, WISE Employment has seen over 21,000 process views of 100 published processes across the organization. Employees report that WISE’s processes enable them to be more effective, scoring WISE an overall process rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.


Read the case study to learn more about how Nintex Promapp has helped WISE Employment bring its entire organization together to map and manage processes.

Elise Harrington

Elise has been with Nintex for 3 years as part of the Nintex corporate communications team. Elise loves connecting with Nintex customers and partners and learning how they’re using our technology to improve the way they work.